Being-Centered Leadership: Leading from the Heart at Work

Being-centered Leadership: Leading from the Heart at Work

Being-centered Leadership: Leading from the Heart at Work

Are you feeling that …

  • are not living your true purpose and fulfilling your greatest potential at work despite a successful career?
  • ...that you are overwhelmed and burdened at work to the point you are not able to communicate clearly and align with your team?
  • are challenged to keep you and your team’s motivation constantly high?
  • Would you like to clarify your life’s vision and mission to crystallize your thinking and establish a more focused direction for your life?

  • Would you like to learn how you can improve your leadership skills and practice at work?

Then this workshop is for you!


Being-centered leadership is about leading from your inner Essence. A “Being-centered” leader is authentic and aligned with their life purpose. When you lead from that level of inner depth/your essence, you tap into an infinite source of energy that is transformative for you and those that you interact with. Nothing can instill more courage and confidence than feeling you are able to shape your life from your inner strength. Nothing can empower more the others than witnessing that self-mastery and self-realization are feasible.The purpose of our workshop is to provide you with the clarity and discernment you need to improve your personal mastery at work and empower your team to become the best they can be and eventually work more effectively together.

During this interactive workshop, you will...

  • Learn to be more fully present; enhance your self-awareness and inner peace in order to lead yourself and your team in a balanced way.

  • Revisit what is important for you: your vision, choices, purpose, and relationships and find out how they align with your work position and the organization you are part of.

  • Shift your personal leadership from “doing” and “having” to authentic “Being” in order to be more agile and forward -thinking at work.

  • Develop your service orientation competencies in order to better assist others.

  • Apply successfully the lessons learned in the workshop in your team and your company.

  • Lead your team members to improved creative expression, cohesion and achievement.

  • Excel in your performance in increasingly complex leadership roles and fostering meaningful collaborative networks in a VUCA world.

For whom?

For professionals who are striving to improve their leadership skills and practice at work.