The Future of Leadership is Female

The Future of Leadership is Female

The Future of Leadership is Female

  • Is leadership neutral or gendered?

  • Is there something like “female leadership”? What differentiates it from other approaches to leadership?

  • What are the implications of gender and power dynamics in the leadership process?

  • How do women feel about leadership?

  • Why aren’t more women making it to the top of the organizational ladder?

If you find these questions intriguing…

Then this workshop is for you!


Leadership has traditionally been ”singular" and identified with male qualities such as rationality, individualism, assertiveness and effectiveness which have been equally embraced by men and women in senior management positions. This merging of leadership with masculinity has suppressed the importance of feminine traits; such as empathy, community, caring and growth- and undermined them to a secondary, helping role. Today, however, leadership is not any more about a “shining star” but it is a relational process facilitating collective learning, growth and achievement. To enable such a process, a leader needs to develop more relational skills which are fundamentally “female”.

During this interactive workshop, you will...

  • Discuss the feminine leadership attributes and their associated behaviors that need to be demonstrated within the work environment

  • Explore the paradox why even though relational leadership is aligned with the feminine, not many women are making it to the top

  • Look at the mental models we need to change in order to enable a female leadership practice

  • Share success stories and wise lessons

For whom?

For male and female leaders and managers who want to understand better the latest trends in the organizational leadership practice and the strategic importance of enacting “female”-based leadership in their organization.