November 17-18, 2018

We conducted two successful workshops in Amsterdam.

The first workshop Being-centered Leadership: Leading from the heart at work aimed at providing professionals with the clarity needed to improve their personal mastery at work.

The second workshop Personal Vision & Mission: Your Compass in a Time of Constant Change attracted  professionals who are seeking for more meaning in life and work and guided them to clarify their vision and increase their self-leadership skills.


October 27, 2018

Two members of our Being-centered Leadership Team,  Professor Jody Fry and Dr Eleftheria Egel, delivered a workshop on "Global Leader and Leadership Development for Sustainability" -at the core of which is the cultivation of a global mindset for the individual leader and the integration of  two ethical dimensions in the organizational strategy: acceptance of remote responsibility and stakeholder legitimacy from a moral point of view


October 1st , 2018

After our successful workshop in July “Being-centered Leadership: Finding the Space to Lead" in Amsterdam, we are organizing two new workshops in Amsterdam in our new venue on 17th and 18th November. 

Join us at Prins Hendriklaan 27 (next to the Vondelpark) - on 17th and/or 18th November

Check and register in the Evenbrite links on the right.

Being-centered Leadership: Leading from the heart

Personal Vision & Mission: Your Compass in a time of Constant Change

September 30th, 2018

Two members of the Being-centered Leadership team, Vanessa Prins-Goodman and Dr Eleftheria Egel, participated in the GLOBAL WOMAN BUSINESS FORUM in Amsterdam.

During the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Global Woman Club Vanessa and Eleftheria  presented our forthcoming November 17 and 18 workshops in Amsterdam


July 14, 2018

We organized a one day professional workshop on self-leadership. Its title was Being-centered Leadership: Finding the Space to Lead.

The workshop was addressed to individuals who felt the need to explore their self- leadership from a deeper level, aligned with their core values and inner essence. At the end of the day, we all - facilitators and participants- felt that we did achieve to find the space to lead! Thank you all for being there!